bumble burgh Events Co.



You're here!

And we are so glad that you are! 


We are Karlie Lewis and Maggie Barnes—friends, economists and teammates. Economics was our first love and ultimately the crossroads that brought us together.  After years in the finance industry, we found our creative sides/talents were sadly underutilized. During many coffee breaks and trips to the bakery, we discovered a mutual passion for event planning, design and all things contemporary Pittsburgh. And well, we love parties.

We needed an outlet for this passion. A place where we could share our creativity as well as our love for this city and the young, vibrant atmosphere and community it has to offer. 

Thus, bumble burgh Events Co. was born.


Hi! I'm Maggie


I’m from a family of 9, eldest at that, which means I am an expert coordinator of chaos.

 Little things in life make me unjustifiably happy.

Grilled cheese is one of my passions.

Most of the time I am daydreaming about visiting Paris again.

I grew up witness to a true love story: my grandparents.


Hello! I'm Karlie


I am loved by the best man I know and am so grateful to God for him.

A few of my favorite things are sunshine, sunglasses and shoes.

I would gladly accept Dutch donuts as form of payment.

I am a mama of two messy, fun-loving boys, so I rarely leave the house without

wearing some of their food on my outfit!

When describing my personality, Type-A is probably an understatement.


photo credit: Kelsey Kradel Photography